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 Synergy Technologies News
September 2018, Chris and Tim presented a new paper on Poor Connections between Copper and Brass conductors at the International Symposium for Fire Investigations in Chicago, IL
A poor connection carrying DC current is shown below, and was one of the more interesting findings of the research. Many new characteristic traits were identified and have been submitted to NFPA 921 for consideration. You can downlaod the paper here.
October 2017, Synergy Exhibit at the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show: Multidisciplinary Failure Analysis
Synergy exhibited at the WMTS last week at State Fair Park. We enjoyed talking with everyone we met during the show, and we look forward to continuing and growing our relationships working with Manufacturers. Synergy serves the growing Manufacturing community in the areas of Failure Analysis, Design, Quality, and Product Testing. In the same way, we believe our experiences with Manufacturers helps us better serve our other clients such as Insurance companies and Attorneys.
September 2017: Timothy Korinek recently earned his Professional Engineering License

Timothy has been with Synergy for 12 years, and has a degree in Materials Engineering. Tim leads projects involved with Fracture Analysis, Corrosion Damage, Casting and Weld analysis, Analysis of mechanical systems, Materials involved in electrical fires, and Research.
August 2017, Current Research: Poor Connections and Wet Arc Tracking
Along with the assistance of our summer intern, Alex Wistrom, we produced 52 samples from experiments that reproduced several scenarios where electricity can become a potential ignition source for a fire. This included poor electrical connections between copper-to-copper, brass-to-brass, and wet arc tracking. In the coming months we will be analyzing the as-made samples, then we will expose them to a fire environment and re-examine them afterwards. We are looking forward to publishing the results in one of our upcoming papers on the forensic markers of electrical ignition sources. Below are some of the more dramatic images of the samples! See our Facebook page for more images and videos on this research!
7/1/2017, Alex Wistrom, Summer Intern at Synergy Tech
We are pleased to introduce Alex Wistrom as the Synergy Technologies intern for this summer! Alex is a Mechanical Engineering student at UW Madison with Sophomore/advanced standing. Alex is setting up and monitoring our research efforts for electrical overheating modes of poor connections and wet arc tracking. Alex grew up in Brookfield WI and graduated from Brookfield Central HS and is seen in the picture below creating a copper to copper poor glowing connection. Check out our Facebook page to see our progress in these research and publishing efforts.
2/1/2017, NPFA 921, 2020 Edition, Heating System Task Group
Chris Korinek of Synergy Technologies is now part of the new NFPA 921, 2020 Edition, Heating Systems Task Group who is drafting guidelines regarding investigation of fires involving heating systems, including fireplaces and chimneys.
1/30/2013, Research Paper Presented at Fire and Materials Conference
Chris and Timothy Korinek presented the paper titled: Pre and Post-Flashover Characteristics of an Overheated Poor Connection Between Copper and Steel. The conference was held in San Francisco, CA
12/17/12, New Materials Engineer
Timothy Korinek has joined Synergy Technologies LLC as a Materials Engineer. Tim graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a Bachelor's degree in Materials Engineering. Tim will be performing Materials Analysis for Mechanical and Electrical Failure Analysis along with Mechanical Failure Analysis. Tim is located in the Cedarburg, WI office/lab.
9/4/12, Research paper accepted
Chris and Timothy Korinek of Synergy Technologies LLC will be presenting the paper titled Pre and Post-fire Characteristics of an Electrically Overheated Poor Connection between Copper and Steel at the Fire and Materials Conference in San Francisco on Jan. 30, 2013. The third author is Dr. Hugo Lopez of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Materials Department. The research concentrates on creating glowing connections, studying their forensic markers after overheating and after ensuing fire exposure to see if these forensic markers are destroyed or masked by the fire. A photo from our research is shown below.
6/12, X-ray Capabilities Added
Synergy Technologies had added in-house and portable X-ray to our non-destructive examination capabilities. The images are produced digitally such that they can be given to all attendees.
10/11/10, Chimney Testing completed
Synergy Technologies has recently completed a series of tests on wood stove chimneys where combustibles were placed in contact with two differently designed metal chimney pipes. Solid pack and triple wall designs were tested with flue gasses at 1000 deg. F with 2x10s, plywood, fiberglass insulation with paper backing, and cellulose insulation in contact with the exterior of the chimney. Thermocouples were used, along with a thermal imaging camera, to capture the hottest spots on the insulation which can then be used to determine the potential for ignition of the insulation. Two videos are available for viewing some of the results of this testing. Contact Chris or Rick at Synergy Technologies if you would like help with chimney testing or analysis of fireplace or chimney fires.
6/9/10, Seminars given
Two Synergy Technologies Engineers were involved with team seminars given at the 2010 IAAI (International Association of Arson Investigators) June Conference in Steven's Point, WI. Rick Korinek, P.E. taught part of a seminar on Electrical Fires with two other Engineers. Chris Korinek, P.E. taught part of a seminar on Mechanical Fires, including reporting on recent in-house testing on wood stove chimneys in contact with cellulose insulation, with one other Engineer.
 7/5/09, New article published
The Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine (EC&M) has published an article by Chris Korinek, P.E. titled "The Basics of Electrical Overheating" in the June 2009 edition. This article increases dialogue with Electricians and Maintenance personnel who may not see how electricity causes fires very often. Making our homes and workplaces safer is one of the goals of Synergy Technologies and this article.
12/20/08, Synergy Technologies add SEM/EDS capabilities:
Our new Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), a Hitachi S3700N, was installed recently and gives us the in-house capability to perform advanced imaging. This unit also features Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) which allows us to perform elemental material analysis. Some of the advantages of this unit include: an extra large chamber which will accept a sample up to 12 inches long, the ability to image and analyze non-conductive samples without a sputtered coating, and a motorized and computerized platen. This minimizes the sample destruction, sample preparation time, and imaging and analysis time while allowing the accurate return to a previous point. The unit maximizes the amount of materials able to be imaged and analyzed.


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