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Engineering and Scientific Consulting


   Milwaukee Area Lab
N144 W6466 Pioneer Rd
Cedarburg, WI 53012




Synergy Technologies is now offering lab exam rental services at our Milwaukee location
See our rate sheet for pricing.

Our general lab is approximately 500 sq. ft. with heating and air-conditioning.  The ceiling is 10 ft. high with an 8 ft. garage door.  It serves as an engineering and inspection lab with complete facilities for examination and testing of components and evidence.

Equipment available:
- Olympus SZH Microscope, 3x to 96X magnification, with digital photo capabilities
- Macro photography
- Snake micro camera
- Assembly / Disassembly Tools
- Ultrasonic cleaner
- X-Ray viewer
Electrical power supplies available:
- 120/240 VAC, single phase, 200 AMP
- 240 AC, three phase, 400 AMP
- Variable voltage AC 0 to 280 VAC, single phase, 15 AMP
- Variable voltage DC
- AC Current to 1000A with circuit breaker tester
- Various meters necessary for basic electrical tests, including oscilloscope capturing
Gas available:
- Natural gas at approx. 7" W.C.
- LP at 20 PSI, 2 PSI, 11" W.C.
- Nitrogen at pressures up to 2,00 PSI down to 4" W.C. for leak testing
Pump testing station:
- Testing of 4" submersible, pedestal & sump pumps, tests include: flow, pressure, current draw, insulation breakdown
Administrative services:
- Data transferring & copying, i.e. microscope photos to C.D's
- Food ordering
- Evidence handling
Our high-bay lab is approximately 1000 sq. ft. with heating and air-conditioning.  The ceiling is 14 ft. high with a 13 ft. garage door.  It's best served for disassembly and mechanical work.
High-bay facility and equipment:
- 3-ton overhead crane
- full range of hand tools
- full range of pneumatic tools and equipment
- hydraulic equipment, positioning tables, rams
- precision measurement tools, micrometers, indicators, gauges
- full range of specialty tools for disassembly of precision components
- complete sets of mech. pullers for removing bearing, gears, shafts, pulleys & other press-fit components
- abrasive saws, band saws, drills and grinders
- electric motors, variable frequency drive, fans, blowers, pumps




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