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Engineering and Scientific Consulting


   Milwaukee Area Lab
N144 W6466 Pioneer Rd
Cedarburg, WI 53012




The materials lab at Synergy is equipped with a wide variety of instruments used for analysis of failures involving fractures, corrosion damage, welds, castings, plastic parts, and electrical components. This includes a range of microscopes including stereo, metallurgical, and a scanning electron microscope. Our mechanical properties testing equipment includes hardness testers for the Rockwell scales and Knoop/Vickers Microhardness. We also have a portable x-ray source and digital film processor for non-destructive examination of parts.

Our Hitachi S3700N Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is frequently used as a critical tool for failure investigations. The microscope has a 12 inch sample chamber that can accommodate large parts without the need to cut samples into smaller pieces. It's also equipped with variable-pressure mode of operation (VPSEM), which allows examination of plastics, ceramics, oxides, and other non-conductive materials that would otherwise need to be coated with carbon or gold.
Also installed on the microscope is an Oxford Instruments Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS). The EDS system identifies the elemental composition of the sample, and can generate a visual distribution map of the different elements overlaid on to a SEM image.


To the left is an example of an EDS map. The black and white image in the upper left hand corner is a SEM image showing one of the oxide microstructures created between an overheating copper-to-steel electrical connection. The sample is a cross section through the oxide, and is polished flat. The green image shows the distribution of copper; the red image shows the distribution of iron; and the blue image shows the distribution of oxygen.

Along with performing Materials Engineering exams in house, Synergy Technologies routinely performs exams in the field (such as at a fire or explosion) or at other labs.




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